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women motorcycle riders

It is a popular and widely accepted belief that girls are attracted to guys who ride motorcycles and don leather jackets. Yes, those ones who ride into the sunset feeling the air hit their face as they cruise at the speed (hopefully safe, of course) that pleases them.

So when they girls are asked why they like guys with motorcycles, the answers are usually a “because it is so manly” as their cheeks turn crimson red of blush and embarrassed feminine smiles. And as time passed, girls and ladies alike have started going into the hobbies of collecting, riding and enjoying bike rides and guess what? Guys are attracted to them. Now, what do you think makes a guy gets attracted to a girl on a motorcycle? Because a motorcycle is certainly not manly.

Below are some reasons why one may want to date motorcycle girls.


The first thing a person notices about someone who drives a motorcycle is the amount of fear conquered or better yet, the amount of courage amassed to be able to climb on a vehicle which provides virtually no bodily protection against crash. Coming to think of it, the main reason they call motorcycles manly is the fear associated with riding them. That is, if you can ride a motorcycle, you must be a man. So, a lady or girl who rides a motorcycle is deemed fearless. And guess what? Fearlessness is a very attractive attribute to men of these days who simply complain that our women are not adventurous enough. Fearless is hot!


Taking care of a Bike is not an easy task. For many of our experienced riders out there, we all know that we listen when our bike speaks to us. For you to own and take care of a well-functioning Bike, you need to be patient and observant with it. Now, a girl who owns a bike in fine shape is surely an observant and attentive to the detail kind of a girl. And certainly, that is the kind of girl you want tending to your needs.


Riding is one of the most exciting things you can easily do. The adrenaline can rival that of skydivers. A biker girl is one who understands this fun derived from biking and this fact cannot be understated. And this factor would be immeasurable in your relationship if you are to get one. Believe me, Biker girls are fun!

In addition to the above, motorcycle girls are hot and quite good at dating.

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